MRC on-line fungus identification service

MRC provides ‘on-line fungus identification service’ across the world.
Clients need to supply details of habit, basic morphological characters and cultural details of the fungus along with a photo-plate illustration such as these.

Example plates required by MRC on-line fungus identification service

If one is unable to furnish the morphological details, a dried herbarium specimen may be sent along with habit and cultural details.

Details required are as under:
Habit: saprobic/parasitic/mutualistic
Fruiting structure: Ascomata/conidiomata/basidiomata

Ascomata: (Stromatic / Solitary/ Gregarious/ superficial/ Semi-immersed/  immersed/ Perithecial/ Apothecial/ Cleistothecial/ Stalked/ Sessile/ Ostiolate).  
Ascocarp wall: (Textura angularis/ Pseudo-parenchyamatous/ Plectenchyamatous/ Mycelial/ Carbonaceous/ Colourless/…
Haemathecium: (Paraphysoid Pseudo-/ Apical paraphysoid/ Loculate/ ……..)
Ascus: (Bi-/Unitunicate/ Stalked/ Sessile/ With/ Without apical ring/ Operculate/ Inoperculate/ Clavate/ Cylindrical/ Curved/ …….)
Ascospore: ( Shape, Colour, septation, size (in μm).

Conidiomata: Hyphoid/pycnidial/acervular; superficial/semi-immersed/immersed; colour; stromatic/nonstromatic; solitary/gregarious/………….;
Mycelium/ Hyphae: (Smooth/ Verrucose / Septate / Branched/ Hyaline/ Dark or light Brown/ Guttulate/ Thick or Thin-walled / …… μm wide).
Conidiomata: (Synnematous/ Mononematous/ Sporodochial/ Pycnidial).
Conidiophore: (Smooth/ Verrucose/ Septate/ Branched/ Hyaline/ Dark or light/ Brown/ Thick or Thin- walled/ ….. μm long and wide)
Conidiogenous cell: (Poly or monoblastic/ Phialidic/ Annelidic/ Percurrent/  Tretic/ Basauxic/ Gangliar/ integrated/ discrete)
Conidia: (Dry/ Wet/ Catenate/ Solitary/ Globose/ Clavate/ Pyriform/ Fusiform/ Cylindrical/ Helicoid/ … Septate/ …. Smooth/Verrucose/ Valvety.

Note the substrate, macrocharacters, habit and habitat with good photographs
Pileus (cap): size, shapes, color, covering, margin
Lamellae (gills): attachment, color, space, breadth, lamellulae series
Stipe (stalk): size, shape, color, covering
Annulus (ring): shape, color, attachment
Context: color, width, surface
Spore print: color
Smell and taste: characteristic smells
Chemical reactions: with KOH, Schaeffer’s cross-reaction etc.

Basidiospores:shape, size, color, germ pore, wall, chemical reactions  
Basidia: shape, size, number of sterigma 
Lamella edge: sterile or fertile
Cheilocystidia: shape, size and color
Pleurocystidia: shape, size and color
Pileus covering: structure, hyphae, color
Stipe covering: cystidia, hyphae, color
Annulus: structure, hyphae, color
Clamp connections: present or absent

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